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Rule of Law Was/Is the Problem, But...

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4 April 2016
the Korat Post Editorial

Assigning fault to someone for wrongdoing is often itself yet another form of wrongdoing.

Rule of law certainly was not much obvious in the sociopolitical events that predated the 2014 Thai army coup against yet another elected (widely held to be totally corrupt). There were two basic problems at the time: one, a totally inoperative Parliament made defunct by resolute refusal by anti-traditionalist forces to engage in give-and-take politics and mutual respect; two, accumulation of coups since the 1930s to today reflected an inherent fault in Thai society that prevented transitory but healthy social divisiveness from paralleling growth of a healthy democratic state and people. See our editorial.

'Uber-like' in Thailand Suspended

19 March 2016
the Korat Post (From various media reports)

Demand for technology sometimes outstrips legallity in systems regulation.

Grab Bike in Thailand was just starting to open operations in the kingdom when the Land Transportation Department ordered it suspended.

An uber-like parcel delivery service debuted in Thailand recently was forced to suspend operations by the Department of Land Transport (where you pay your taxes and get your windshield sticker). Reason: compliance issues. According to the state agency, Grabtaxi Thailand was ordered to suspend services in Thailand. The government cited lack of insurance, lack of criminal records check and other safety-related issues in its order. Grabtaxi’s competitor, Ubermoto Services, quietly opened services last month and so far has not been ordered to suspend as Grabtaxi has. For various media reports on this issue, see http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/tourism-and-transport/894520/transport-regulators-order-grabbike-service-halted, http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/25/grabdelivery/,
and http://www.thailawforum.com/grabbike-suspended-until-it-complies-with-transport-laws/. Read more on the Korat Post website at editorial.html. Write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor.

Thai Leader Commemorated

7 March 2016
the Korat Post (From The Nation newspaper) See full report on its website

With one son currently having fled to England and another still here in Thialand, many hold that this famous family has created landmarks and suffered at the hands of Thai elites and military.

This Wednesday marks what would have been his centenary and in addition to the recognition bestowed upon him last year by Unesco for his high ethical standards, several organisations are wishing him a happy 100th birthday by remembering him and his work. They include the Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement (TRRM) and the Bank of Thailand, both of which follow in his footsteps to this day, and Thammasat University, his alma mater and where he served both as dean and rector, which is hosting a conference featuring the country's key economic figures."

Read more on the Korat Post website at editorial.html. Write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor.


20 January 2016
the Korat Post (see yesterday's letter on Thai child angels)

These days the Thai monkhood, once certifiably Theravada in principle and practice, is challenging the way Buddhism is practiced in the kingdom, and even the very definition of Buddhism under Thainess.

Somdej Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn, also known as Somdej Chuang, the 80-year-old abbot of Pak Nam Temple, has the top job in Thailand - leader of the nation's Buddhist clergy - being held up because of a very expensive hobby of his, collection antique cars. notably a Mercedes that even Red Bull executives might cast a twinkled eye at. The case reminds us of a 2013 incident involving a Thai monk who was photographed taking a trip on a private jet. The AMLO, Anti Money Laundering Office, seized from him some 800,000 Baht worth of assets including a Mercedes and Porsche. The question was then, and remains, what are monks doing with cars at all, much less private collections of assets of any kind.

The latest embroglio related to who gets the top monk job in the kingdom is merely another item of contention in a land where contention has almost become illegal. But some mouths cna't be shut. The Thai ultra-royalist pro-PAD monk, Phra Isara, has come out voicing concerns ovr corruption.


Read more on the Korat Post website at editorial.html. Write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor.

Korat Army Nabs Korat Police

14 December 2015
a Korat Post editorial - published inside the United States of America See indicated link for main story - Korat cops nabbed related to gambling dens in Joho. Read today's letter to the ed.

2nd Army Region officials stationed in Korat swept down on several gambling dens in Joho district of Korat yesterday 13 December 2015, arrresting two major generals, a Lt.colonel, and two majors in the action to combat gambling in the province. See full story here. Read more on the Korat Post website at headlines.html and/or editorial.html and write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor.

Thai Media Not Just 'Stalled'

10 December 2015
a Korat Post editorial - published inside the United States of America See Headlines for main story - does North Korea have an H bomb as claimed? Or was it just translation?

The Committe to Protect Journalists often does a great job in highlighting media under duress and garnering global support to help put pressure on anti-media powers, almost always the state, to at least be more reasonable in muzzling the press or imprisoning reporters and editors.

But in Thailand's case, there is some conseternation over CPJ's recent summation of the situation here, citing media as "stalled." Is this an accurate description or not? To use the term stalled one would surmise that in thepast Thai media were either relatively free or able to express opinion, properly investigate, expose and denounce according to the normal standards of the media industry.

P Is there a solution to the plight of repressed and rightfully scared media in Thailand that desperately wants to report more but can't? Or is what we have seen as Thai media over the last two or three decades all that we are going to get? Send your ocmments to editoratthekoratpost.com and indicate whether your letter should remain confidential or appear in our letters pages. Thank you.

Read more on the Korat Post website at headlines.html and/or editorial.html and write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor coming up shortly.

No Churches!...Why?

9 December 2015
a Korat Post editorial - published inside the United States of America

Churches are something Saudi Arabia just cannot allow - even the secret ruins of one at Ras Tanura, possibly dating back to the Crusades, is locked and kept away from the public. Is is the Saudi government that is stopping Christians in the kingdom from formal worship, or real Islamic terrorism at home that threatens the very fabric of modern Saudi Arabian society? With well over a million Christians in the country, perhaps upwards of two million, the potential that freedom offers in presenting an alternate source of worship is a hateful thing to fundamentalists.

On the other hand, there are at the time of this writing over 2,100 mosques in the United States, and various Islamic centers around the world established and financially supported by countries that maintain anti-Christian bias using the rationale that anyone who is not Muslim is anti-Muslim...the old "If you aren't for us you are against us."

P resident Obama of the United States spends considerable time, not with state of the union addresses, unfortunately, but with explanatoins why Islam is a tolerant religion. He stops short, well short, of highlighting some of the main pillars of the religion, including the one about non-believers being worth killing whenever it serves the Muslim cause. A stretch of the truth, but unfortunately not a huge one.

Read more on the Korat Post website at headlines.html and/or editorial.html and write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor coming up shortly.

Anti-Trump, Fine, But:

8 December 2015
a Korat Post editorial - published inside the United States of America

Charles B. Pierce of Esquire beats around the bush a bit, making us think that perhaps Esquire has come around to some justified conservative and intellectual thinking, but then winds it up at the end of the 1,000 word article by citing crazy people with guns. One can make a case that American presidents are crazy people with guns and that their guns need to be taken away from them for the sake of everyone else. (Esquire article)

Obama, in his Oval Office surprisingly short speech following the San Bernardino Radical Muslim-linked shooting was certain to receive partisan criticism and partisan kudos for what it was, whatever it was, he said and intimated with subliminal innuendo. The president threw in a neatly-worded phrase reflecting his own prejudices relating to gun ownership and control by more or less citing a causative effect between the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack and open theater in the homeland that allowed such an attack to take place In other words, if America didn't make guns so easy to use and obtain, then we might not have had San Bernardino!

I n his 6 December 2015 White House position speech, the President said, in part: "Over the last few years, however, the terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase. As we've become better at preventing complex multifaceted attacks like 9/11, terrorists turn to less complicated acts of violence like the mass shootings that are all too common in our society." This is the part this editor finds less than glowing toward the Second Amendment - that terrorists have evolved into a new phase adopting the mass shooting techniques they have witnessed in the US. Islamic fascism mass shootings have taken place for well over a century - when guns were not available swords had to suffice.

Read more on the Korat Post website at headlines.html and/or editorial.html and write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor coming up shortly.

Logical look at Facts & Conjecture
San Bernardino Shooting

2 December 2015
the Korat Post

Will a presidential order declaring a state of emergency to safeguard national security follow this latest shooting? Obama has already spoken on this tragedy but.... And so have Second Amendment supporters.

Reference to the San Bernardino area shooting: See - http://news.yahoo.com/san-bernadino-shooting-live-coverage-193436110.html#

An est. 11:00 hrs. mass shooting was carried out at a social services center, in a room where a holiday party by government staff was being held. Latest reports indicate the following:

1. Fourteen civilian victims killed.
2. Seventeen civilian victims wounded.
3. Dark colored SUV reportedly involved.
4. Police engaged suspects afterwards in the San Bernardino area and multiple shots were exchanged between police and the suspects.
5. One policeman sustained injuries and was transported to a hospital where he is reportedly not in critical condition.
6. Two of the suspects were killed by police during confrontation.
7. One other suspecs is reported to be possible but not yet located. Ppolice are scouring the area where they had surrounded the suspect SUV.

Logical conjecture as opposed to conjecture per se:

1. That the suspects fled the scene and seemingly intended to elude capture but stay alive indicates that the event was not related to any so-called fascism Islamic attack.
2. That the suspects that were confronted did exchange fire with police, and apparently did not have any detonation devices, a logical conclusion is that they were seemingly intent on remaining free.
3. The kind of action carried out by suspects of course requires careful analysis, and if one is in custody as reported, motive will likely become known relatively soon. Prior to this it is open conjecture to say for certain what is likely, but from our overview the shooting has the hallmarks of fringe autonomous anti-government former military individuals. Autonomous in that they are likely not to be part of a wider network except by way of affiliation in belief and possible indoctrination. Thus a larger network is not seen by us as involved directly but if involved at all, only in terms of sentiments and propaganda.
4. As to the guns they used – legal or illegal? This will be revealed and who knows at this point? From what the shooters did get away with, it is logical, not necessarily likely, that the guns they used were not legal.
Media have been doing a good job with coverage and we can thank the internet for giving us some insight.
Ed.. Read more on the Korat Post website at headlines.html and/or editorial.html and write to the editor at editoratthekoratpost.com Comments are always welcome. See our latest letter to the editor coming up shortly.

Frankly, visiting Ernest Hemingway's old hangout would not be the only reason this editor would like to visit Cuba. Just a short distance from the coast of Florida, the island nation has seen egg thrown in the face of its Yankee neighbor this year for the 18th consecutive year as the UN voted 188-2, more or less, to condemn the American embargo against the communist state. Memories of the Cold War and still smoldering anger or domestic political pressures from Cuban immigrants and political opponents of the regime there?

With the Unites States at least paying lip service to a new regional policy of cementing relationships with Latin America, Cuba is in an ideal geographic position to prove the point and drop the embargo the US has had in effect for nearly half a century. Such a move would not make the Cuban die-hard anti-Castro anti-communist lobby happy, but would go a long way toward warming hearts of the entire region, save some in Venezuela perhaps, that the American giant is sincere in playing equality with its much smaller and weaker neighbors. But what the recent UN vote has revealed is a portend of bad things to come, with the US and Israel, two never-give-up Middle East quagmire allies, consoling one another over this embarrassing defeat. But defeat does not mean anything if it does not mean anything. A vote is a vote and sure, we'll go through another one like it last year, but it is notable even to Washington Stink Tank planners that our position toward Cuba is untenable and unrealistic.

Cuba is full of promise. A proud and historically rich culture, physical proximity and strong centralized government (remind you of Washington these days?) the potential for business, tourism, economic, cultural and educational development that enriches both the United States and Cuba is plain and clear. The benefits for dropping the embargo and in declaring Cuba an old and renewed friend would go a long way in helping to convince not just our Latin American neighbors, but many, many Americans that our foreign policy is heading, at least in one case, in the right direction and there is hope on the horizon. . editor@thekoratpost.com Ed. Comments are always welcome.

Government Spy-proof Internet Now!

Commotion and Several are only two applications that offer facility to be online without state interference. You need line-of-sight (dish) communications.

Korat Post Online
29 October 2013

Government belongs in and on my computer, home or personal life just like skunk cabbage belongs in the family salad - it doesn't! The question used to be how to avoid it. Now answers have arrived. The lie in the way that line of sight communications was first established and continues to work in the world of satellites and microwave.

What’s the Commotion? More accurately, what’s ‘Commotion’ and how does moving from wire mesh era methodology to wif-fi mesh help you stay out of Uncle Sam’s reach?
It’s hardly a Shakespearean “Much Ado About Nothing.” In fact, ‘Commotion’ and other line of sight telecommunication meshes (in this article meaning independent internet networks) are relatively simple methods that 2001 Space Odyssey author Arthur C. Clarke described. He predicted and suggested satellite communications well before writing the epic novel, outlining systems that would work in much the same way that we are today reviewing utility of establishing a permanent Moon communications base and network. The difference between contemporary Internet and this independent mesh - which has replicates in different countries - is that essentially neither the government nor others is privy to what is transmitted between them. This is just one way that privacy-minded netizens are finding to avoid unwanted and unjust snooping by their government, and it is said to work!

The technology is, as mentioned, rather dated in simplicity but still works well. It’s the same line of sight technology that ground-based stations use to broadcast and receive signals from similar stations. And it’s the same between ground-based stations and satellites. Mesh dishes are lined up to send and receive and do so with basically little or no interference from snoopers. Such spies would have to be able to be at the same exact receiving point used by the subscriber. This is usually not viable. Obviously users have to be living in countries where such communications and associated equipment are not prohibited or outlawed – this is an important point given the increasing inroads that even governments in so-called democratic or “free” societies are making against freedom of expression and personal privacy.
Do these meshes really have subscribers and are they getting protection and satisfaction? Apparently so. In Spain there are said to be over 20,000 users all happy and operating in privacy. editor@thekoratpost.com Ed. Comments are always welcome.

US Spying Is MAD; Allies are Mad

Is there no limit to the audacity, indeed, the trite baseness, of American government today? Listen to this editorial in audio format on Youtube here.

Korat Post Online Editorial
28 October 2013

Anyone who thinks Edward Snowden is anything less than a hero and deserving of a constitutional pardon (court-ordered) needs to reflect on how the American government is screwing over its own people, and everyone else in the world, through relentless information prying and unwarranted spying.

Just what is taking place inside the United States these days, and beyond its borders stretching around the world is shocking, repugnant, illegal and unwarranted - unless you intend to overthrow all landmarks enshrined in the United States Constitution and take over the government in a way that kills freedom in the Land of the Free forever. This scenario is no longer just a peripheral cacophony from the gun-toting left and right, but seems more and more a sign of the times. The American government is finally taking some heat from angry European allies like France, but perhaps more emphatically Germany which is sending a personal high level delegation to Washington to ask Obama "What the hell is going on with you guys?" A bit more diplomatically, perhaps, at least in the public media. Europe has been quick to reinforce the impression that America and Europe are still in love and arm in arm, but how can the revelations that the US administration has tapped and taped European leaders' phones and other conversations and data? And where does that leave the peon American citizen faced today with increasing inroads into his freedoms by government gone wild?

As an American citizen this editor does not plan to divest himself of US citizenship, but it is easily understandable when I say that I do not want my damned government in my affairs, I do not want my damned government prying into my business or my communications or my financial information. Not unless it has a legitimate reason, and that rationale was done away with a long time ago even prior to the reviled Patriot Act.

As an American living abroad, I now have to take whatever personal steps I can to keep US government spying out of my affairs. Writing more frequently online and to my congressmen is called for, but so is advocating for changes to the way American officials do their jobs and how they harass, demean, violate and denigrate their fellow citizens. If society itself were not becoming atavistic as it is there would be no problems like this. But today we have hundreds of thousands of people, many in high positions, who have absolutely no moral scruples or ethical standards that could hold a hair when compared to decency and common sense. MAD? Of course! Editorial. editor@thekoratpost.com Ed. Comments are always welcome.

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